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Selling Miami Beach real estate is a process that is “more than meets the eye”.  Number crunching, ever-changing property values, price negotiation, titles, it can be a daunting process trying to sort everything out.  This becomes even more laborious if you're just getting your feet wet when it comes to selling.

That's why we're here.

We strongly believe in taking the time to fully comprehend the reasoning behind your decision to sell in order to develop a marketing and selling solution that is tailored best to your needs.  You may not be in the same situation as someone who may need to sell in a certain timeframe because of financial concerns, for example.

One of the most critical and complicated phases in the selling process is coming up with those digits that will ultimately become your asking price.  Sell Miami Beach real estate with too high of a price and your property will languish on the market and discourage buyers.  Price it too low and you risk losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars you because you undervalued what your property was really worth.

We take the time to determine the most competitive price by taking into account market values, recent sales of Miami Beach homes, current real estate news sources and making educated decisions about where the market may be headed in addition to important factors like the time of the year for example.  Collectively, these factors and additional ones not mentioned can be critical in determining the asking price.

Our marketing efforts are also designed to aggressively promote your property through proven and new methods which include the following:

  • Internet Marketing.  Arguably one of the most important marketing channels as the majority of buyers now begin their search for Miami Beach condos and homes via the web.
  • Peers and referrals.  Our network includes prominent investors and former clients who may be interested in your property.
  • Multiple Listing Service.  This widely used database of properties is seen by thousands of buyers and real estate professionals daily and used by millions of websites to sell properties of various types.  Exposure of your property is extended to an ostensibly worldwide audience.
  • Open houses.  There is arguably no better way to attract a buyer than to allow them to peruse your property themselves and ask questions.

Once offers start coming in, they are quickly reviewed in order to determine if the buyer is qualified, allowing us to minimize the transition to the negotiation phase and ultimately finalizing a contract.  Throughout the whole process, we take care of making sure all the important paperwork is understood and properly filled out by you and that everyone is aware of what's going on.

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