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FIU Moves to Miami Beach

Friday, May 27, 2011

A major reason many choose to purchase or rent Miami Beach homes is Lincoln Road.  Arguably second only to Ocean Drive in its popularity, the street known for its shopping and dining and people-watching has attracted many and continues to develop.  Now that a school will be opening its doors there, it's about to get even more appealing.

None other than Florida International University (FIU) has signed a fifteen year lease for a 15,000+ square foot building to be called the College of Architecture + The Arts.  In keeping with the design of many Miami Beach homes and the city of Miami Beach itself, the building features a throwback Art Deco style that harkens back to the 1940s.  Inside the building will be a design studio capable of accommodating up to seventy graduate students, a visual arts performance space, music practice rooms, and a gallery.

FIU is one of South Florida's most popular public universities with more than twenty campuses and is the fifteenth largest university in the country.  The College of Architecture + The Arts will be located at 420 Lincoln Road and is expected to open this fall.  Pretty soon, many aspiring art students will be able to walk from their Miami Beach homes to school.

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