Miami Beach Home Property Management and Working with General Contractorsg

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Miami Beach Home Property Management and Working with General Contractors

Monday, September 07, 2009
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Miami Beach Home Property Management and Working with General Contractors


Many of my Miami Beach home clients are absentee owners. They own homes in New York, Paris, Aspen, you name it.


In Miami Beach, there are several property management companies that specialize in Miami Beach home and condo management.


Home property management duties include hiring and managing housekeepers, gardeners, pool maintenance companies, pest control companies and checking the mail.


In addition, Miami Beach home property managers can be hired to work as a liaison between owners and general contractors on construction projects.


Miami Beach property managers typically manage a variety of home repairs over time: air conditioning unit repair and replacement, roof repair and electric and plumbing issues.


In addition, a property manager will check your Miami Beach home every very few weeks to ensure that no pipes have burst. Water damage and mold can be astronomically expensive to fix.


Property management companies will also manage a house bank account and pay your bills for you.


I recommend two Miami Beach home property management companies I have worked with personally:


Keystone Property Management.


They are trustworthy and professional. In addition, their rates are very competitive. You can reach them at (305) 532-7878. It is a family-run business.


Individualized Property Care

IPC watch is more of a concierge-type Miami Beach home property management company.


Individualized Property Care services include delivery acceptance, repair companion, renovation and remodeling observation, home observation and rental home coordination.


I also offer Property Management services on my own, but my rates are somewhat more expensive as my main priority is selling homes.


The most challenging job in property management is working with contractors on major remodeling projects when the owner is out-of-town.


I have contractors I trust, but whoever you hire, they typically take twice as long to complete the job and the initial cost will rise by 10%-20%.


This only applies to major building projects and remodels. If I hire a locksmith to change your locks, the final cost will be identical to the estimate.


However, if you decide to add a 2nd story addition to your home and build a pool, the variables multiply along with the timelines and price.


If you have realistic expectations from the beginning, you are less likely to be frustrated when costs rise and deadlines are missed.


This is not to say that you or your property managers are passive during the construction process.


In summary, even if you shop bids, are assertive and check the contractor’s work daily, new problems arise.


Sometimes the general contractor will not pay his subcontractors well. As a result, a sub-contractor may try to use short-cuts or use less expensive materials to increase their profit margin.


In the end, I have two general contractors I trust. They are not perfect in the process, but the finished product is perfect!


Feel free to call anytime regarding property management questions or guidance in choosing a general contractor.

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