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Miami Beach Home Alarm Companies

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Miami Beach Home Alarm Companies


I met with representatives from the biggest home Alarm Companies in Miami Beach: Protection One, and ADT alarm companies,


Comparing Service and prices is easy – the plans and prices are similar. Both monthly rates are contigent on 3-year contracts. 


With home alarm companies, “the regular package” trend is to install 2-3 sensors on the main door and windows, then mount a motion detector to detect movement in a main area of the home


With a motion detector, it is effective to detect intruders when you are out of the house, but you need to disarm it when you are inside the house or you will set it off yourself.


Both Miami Beach home alarm companies charge by the sensor if you’d like sensors on all of your doors and windows.


Both companies tell me that a new alarm system installation requires a Miami Building Permit  - $140.

Without giving away their pricing, you can count on $500 down to install a new home alarm system and $40-$50 per month for monitoring.


To me, it is well worth the investment. I also recommend having Medeco Locks on your home's main entry doors as Medeco can only be copied by the owner


Feel free to call with any of your Miami Beach home questions.

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